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past live P U L S E ’

Our live concert and performance practice has morphed organically into ongoing research in connecting, rethinking, and recreating artistic practices within the limitations imposed by the pandemic.

It led us to the creation of an online platform, the P U L S E channel. Through this platform, we present new works, specifically designed to meet the requirements, possibilities, and limitations of the internet. We discovered that these limitations also offer new opportunities. In the latest edition of Spring P U L S E 2021, we broadened our circle by inviting other international artists to create works purposefully designed to be experienced online.

online P U L S E’ 

weekly spring P U L S E’ on our P U L S E channel, March - May, 2021
The 9 weeks program of audiovisual experiments beyond classification and live artist talks included:

18-21 March: Alina Ozerova (RU/NL), “Joystick Whispers”

25-28 March: Varun Krishnan (IN/GER), “blind”

1-4 April: aRzu (CH/BE), “Fragile Ego's”

8-11 April: Claire Nichols (UK), “The E.KA.TE Variations”

15-18 April: Ioana Mandrescu (RO/BE), “The Third Coming – a pre-apocalyptic joke”

22-24 April: Massimiliano Cerioni (IT/GER), “INNER LANDSCAPE”

29 April – 02 May: Sonia Killmann (BE/UK), “Them! There! Eyes?”


13-16 May: WORRAN collective (BE/GE/ES/PT), “Canarialien – all there in the sky”

weekly summer P U L S E’ on our P U L S E channel, July- September, 2020
The 7 weeks program of audiovisual experiments introduced all the artists of C O M (E) P U L S I V E to our online audience:

30 July-2 August: Nathalie Cohen (IL), 

6 - 9 August: aRzu (CH/BE), 

13 - 15 August: Rebecca Glover (GB), 

20-23 August: Hans de Wit (BE), 

27 - 30 August: Stijn Demeulenaere (BE), 

3 - 6 September: Alina Ozerova  (RU/NL), 

10-13 September: Ioana Mandrescu (RO/BE), 

Live Concerts

we hope to be back soon with live concerts and performances 

recent concerts ::

Onderstroom, Antwerp, October 2019             La Senne, Brussels, April 2019