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Alina Ozerova

Alina Ozerova is a sound artist and filmmaker based in Amsterdam. Her works are inspired by the dimensions of 'journey' as narrative structure and physical experience. Ozerova‘s artistic practice evolves through the juxtaposition of public (art) space organization and sensory affirmations within immersive or interactive environments.

She experiments with physical settings which could alter subject's experience of distance and engagement, control and power of the subject in relation to the sonic situations, narratives or objects.

Recent showcases of Ozerova’s work include Art Rotterdam (NL), Musical Utopias festival at Korzo theater (Den Haag, NL), Museum of Modern Art (Moscow, RU),  De Bijloke Muziek Centrum (Ghent, BE), Museum Night at De Appel Art Center (Amsterdam, NL),  Modern Body Festival (Den Haag, NL), Recreacia Festival (Moscow, RU), Kunst op de Koffie art festival (Arnhem, NL), Pakhuis de Zwijger (Amsterdam, NL).

Ozerova curates experimental short film program for FEST – New Directors, New Films Festival (PT) and is a founder of 'About 761 miles per hour' (NL), performance and sound events series focused on female artists.

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Is an artist working in the mediums of sound art and sound design. She creates audio visual projects, works in recording, composition and sound design.

She studied anthropology, film studies and art history at the University of Zurich, then decided to shift towards a creative path.

2013 she graduated in Animation 2&3d from HSLU, Lucerne University of applied sciences and arts and spent one year of her studies at MOME, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest.

She is since working with several film makers as a sound designer and artist.

Her works for movie makers such as Claudius Gentinetta, Maï Calon, Eva Stotz, Lina Walde, Ezra Belgrado, Paola Cubillos and many more are screened internationally. She was honoured with a „Best Animation-& Experimental Film“ prize at Bamberger Kurzfilmtage in 2016 for the animation work she did for Eva Stotz's „One Million Steps“.

2018 she graduated from EPAS (European Postgraduate in Art of Sound) at KASK Conservatorium.

Her sound art works were shown in Festivals such as November Music in Den Bosch, Wilde Westen in Kortrijk and la Semaine du son in Brussels. She has been an artist resident in organisations such as Fijúk Art Center in Húsavík, Overtoon in Brussels, QO2 in Brussels, Kallio Kunsthalle in Helsinki and Musica in Neerpelt.

She is part of the sound collective WORRAN, has released with the sound label Audiotalaia in 2019 and is initiator and co-founder of C O M (E) P U L S I V E.

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Romanian born sound artist and musician Ioana Mandrescu completed her studies in her home country, France and Belgium. She is graduate of the EPAS programme in Ghent.

She is the founding member of two contemporary music groups, Quivir Ensemble, together with flutist Diana Muela Mora and clarinetist and conductor Jose Fernandez Camacho, and Opia Ensemble, together with cellist Aleksandra Pykacz.

Strongly influenced by choreography and painting, in the past two years she developed performances that brought together sound, film and dance. They were presented in Belgium – Bozar Opening Night 2015, Festival Courants d'Airs, Poland – FAMA Festival and Iran – First Edition of the Contemporary Music Festival in Tehran.

As a sound artist she was part of group exhibitions in Gouvernment and KASK in Ghent. She performed live sets at MixTree - Amsterdam, Atlantikwall Nocturne – Oostende and La Senne - Brussels, Onder Stroom - Antwerp.

From November 2018 she collaborats with artists Kjersti Andvig and Jurgen Ots. The Four Seasons: Monkey Business was their first collaboration and was exposed in Place du Jeu de Balle in Brussels (November 2018) and Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich (March 2019).

She was a resident of Q-O2 in Brussels in March 2019 and June 2020.

In April 2019 she was featured on The Word Radio series FAIR_PLAY.

Her main interests are the human voice and human produced sounds and their impact on the way we perceive the world. She is currently working on a database of human voices and on several sound-collage pieces that mark distinct moments in human history.

Ioana lives and works in Brussels.

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Nathalie is a dancer and curator.
Worked for the Design Museum Holon, MAAC, (Maison d'Art Actuel des Chartreux), Cinéma Nova collective, KRAAK label, BOZAR, Brussels,
Vision du réel, Nyon, 50° nord Network, Lille, Meakusma, Eupen, etc.
These days working for Galerie Charlot and Gallery Chelouche in Tel Aviv.

Her silent journey flow through Comparative litreature and philosphy towards site-specific curatorial practice.
She wrote her master’s thesis at KULeuven, dedicated to the notion of Experience within Maurice Blanchot and Georges Bataille essays + 'Curatorial studies' Alumni, KASK, Gent.

She is part of the collective Ambient Lay Down series. Conducting it's sonic research into unconventional spatialisation, using variations of quadraphonic setups.

Her work is focus in sound-art and spatial practices, such as movement, contemporary dance and sonic visionary.
These days researching the liquid space by surfing and diving techniques. And still under water inspired by auditive phenomenons.

Photo credit: Laurent Orseau 

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Rebecca Glover is a multidisciplinary artist whose work combines sound, sculpture, installation, drawing, foley and performance. She creates multisensory experiences that present alternative perspectives for listening and engaging with the world.

Drawing on her experience in field recording, foley and performance she uses microphones and objects to imagine travelling through alternative bodies and realities: weaving these into fictional narratives inspired by ecology, natural systems and complex inter species/object relationships.

Recent performances and exhibitions include Borderlands for Concert Dispérses - France, Fluid Bodies IV for Oscillation Festival - Belgium, Standing in its own time at York Art Gallery, with Contrechamps in Geneva, with Kammer Klang and Abstruckt at Cafe Oto London, Fluid Bodies III at KIOSK - Belgium, Fluid Bodies II at De Bijloke Muziekcentruum - Belgium, Live Foley for Yorkshire Silent Film Festival, Sounding Objects for Pump House Gallery - London, Fluid Bodies I at Gouvernement -Belgium.