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Rebecca Glover is a multidisciplinary artist whose work combines sound, sculpture, installation, drawing, foley and performance. She creates multisensory experiences that present alternative perspectives for listening and engaging with the world.

Drawing on her experience in field recording, foley and performance she uses microphones and objects to imagine travelling through alternative bodies and realities: weaving these into fictional narratives inspired by ecology, natural systems and complex inter species/object relationships.

Recent performances and exhibitions include Borderlands for Concert Dispérses - France, Fluid Bodies IV for Oscillation Festival - Belgium, Standing in its own time at York Art Gallery, with Contrechamps in Geneva, with Kammer Klang and Abstruckt at Cafe Oto London, Fluid Bodies III at KIOSK - Belgium, Fluid Bodies II at De Bijloke Muziekcentruum - Belgium, Live Foley for Yorkshire Silent Film Festival, Sounding Objects for Pump House Gallery - London, Fluid Bodies I at Gouvernement -Belgium.