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Nathalie is a dancer and curator.
Worked for the Design Museum Holon, MAAC, (Maison d'Art Actuel des Chartreux), Cinéma Nova collective, KRAAK label, BOZAR, Brussels,
Vision du réel, Nyon, 50° nord Network, Lille, Meakusma, Eupen, etc.
These days working for Galerie Charlot and Gallery Chelouche in Tel Aviv.

Her silent journey flow through Comparative litreature and philosphy towards site-specific curatorial practice.
She wrote her master’s thesis at KULeuven, dedicated to the notion of Experience within Maurice Blanchot and Georges Bataille essays + 'Curatorial studies' Alumni, KASK, Gent.

She is part of the collective Ambient Lay Down series. Conducting it's sonic research into unconventional spatialisation, using variations of quadraphonic setups.

Her work is focus in sound-art and spatial practices, such as movement, contemporary dance and sonic visionary.
These days researching the liquid space by surfing and diving techniques. And still under water inspired by auditive phenomenons.

Photo credit: Laurent Orseau