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Alina Ozerova

Alina Ozerova is a sound artist and filmmaker based in Amsterdam. Her works are inspired by the dimensions of 'journey' as narrative structure and physical experience. Ozerova‘s artistic practice evolves through the juxtaposition of public (art) space organization and sensory affirmations within immersive or interactive environments.

She experiments with physical settings which could alter subject's experience of distance and engagement, control and power of the subject in relation to the sonic situations, narratives or objects.

Recent showcases of Ozerova’s work include Art Rotterdam (NL), Musical Utopias festival at Korzo theater (Den Haag, NL), Museum of Modern Art (Moscow, RU),  De Bijloke Muziek Centrum (Ghent, BE), Museum Night at De Appel Art Center (Amsterdam, NL),  Modern Body Festival (Den Haag, NL), Recreacia Festival (Moscow, RU), Kunst op de Koffie art festival (Arnhem, NL), Pakhuis de Zwijger (Amsterdam, NL).

Ozerova curates experimental short film program for FEST – New Directors, New Films Festival (PT) and is a founder of 'About 761 miles per hour' (NL), performance and sound events series focused on female artists.